ITA President Arnold Dix discusses how the better management of potentially carcinogenic diesel emisssions is long overdue.

In this article Arnold Dix clearly identifies the link between diesel emissions and cancer, given that it has been well understood for more than a decade it is time that the industry acknowledges the risk and that effective management strategies become common practice.

The directive (EU) 2019/130 of 16th January amended the directive 2004/37/EC on the protection of works from the related risk to exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work.

He goes on to say that diesel powered construction equipement will continue to play a significant  role in underground constructions for decades to come even as other energy sources become viable so it is time to acknowlege, manage and mitigate risks for underground construction and mine workers. These should be as routine as any other saftey measure in the workplace. The solutions are readily understood and easily implemented often complimenting other strategies for mitigating risk. While eliminaton is the highest priority measures such as tunnel ventialtion, vehicle maintenance and fuel selections are all examples of  practical methods.

Francois Velge and the Pinssar team wholeheartedly believe that the only way to effectively design and implemement mitigaton strategies to minimise the risk from diesel emisssions is through monitoring and have developed the worlds first and only real-time continuous diesel particulate monitor designed specifically for harsh underground environments. The real time data made available gives management the abilty to respond quickly to excedeences making good decisions and good outcomes both at the time and for future planning.

The risk, most importantly to workers health is too great to simply disregard the dangers of diesel emissions, similarly the impact on production, profits and reputation cannot be ignored.

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Tunnelling Journal October / November 2022


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