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The Australian Mining Review magazine recently approached Pinssar asking to help the industry better understand the dangers of diesel emissions and to explain how advances in technology can overcome these challenges.

According to the Australian Cancer Council, diesel engine exhaust emissions are the second most common cancer-causing agent impacting workers (ranking behind UV exposure).  However, as explained by Francois Velge, advancements in DPM monitoring technology means that practical and low maintenance diesel monitoring systems (purpose built for harsh environments) are now available and can go a long way towards protecting the health of millions of workers.

Francois goes on to explain that around the world, Government and industry are reviewing the existing guidelines which have been acknowledged as too broad, and really based on the technology that was available at that point in time.  For example, those previous technologies may only provide random, point in time samples – these provide only some pieces of the puzzle, but definitely not the full picture about the immediate risk in the work environment nor the impact on the health and safety of workers.

To read the full article, click here ->  AMR-August 2021 – Pinssar – The Invisible Guardian

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