The Pinssar Solution

Stay ahead with the only practical solution for managing your diesel emission strategies.

The Pinssar DPR

Our proven, reliable and ultra-low maintenance solution delivers consistent insights to enable you to manage your diesel emissions in underground environments and confined spaces.

Wayne Hose, Pinssar

Ultimately, no one wants to see DPM exposure become one of the great social disasters like lead, coal dust and asbestos.

Wayne Hose, Pinssar

The Pinssar solution

The Pinssar solution

The Pinssar solution was specifically developed to provide DPM data on a continuous, 24/7 basis to work in conjunction with current static solutions.

Our solution comprises

  • a ruggedised, fixed monitor called the Pinssar DPR which works continuously to collect DPM samples and send data in real time.
  • the Pinssar Dashboard. An easy to use and configurable interface which records and displays samples from the Pinssar DPR, as well as internal diagnostics.

The data captured by this flexible solution is compatible with your control system architecture and all ventilation simulation software.


  • Saves lives by reducing exposure to DPM
  • Gives people greater confidence when working in confined spaces
  • Demonstrate the importance the company places on employee health and safety
  • Verify the effectiveness of existing controls, such as ventilation
  • Supports corporate OEL (occupational exposure limits) compliance, regulatory and OH&S guidelines
  • Leverage the data to drive continuous improvement for better outcomes
  • Contributes to operational expense reduction
  • Provides accurate and timely information for effective decision-making
  • Protect the organisation’s reputation in the event of future legal claims
  • Minimise the threat of site or project shutdowns due to exceedances
  • Create healthier and more progressive community projects
  • Address the requirements of BS:6164
  • Ensures a healthy workplace, enabling you to be an employer of first choice for skilled workers
  • Contributes to effective equipment maintenance
  • Protects social licence


What does the Pinssar DPR measure?

All particles smaller than 0.8 micron, or 800 nanometres (nm).

What is a carcinogenic?

A carcinogenic is a compound or physical factor as assessed by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and are classified in four groups based on the existing scientific evidence for carcinogenicity.

Is DPM a carcinogenic?

In 2012, DPM was classified by IARC as a Group 1 carcinogenic, which is the most severe classification and in the same category as asbestos.

How does IARC define a Group One carcinogenic?

IARC defines a Group 1 carcinogenic as: “Carcinogenic to humans”  when there is enough evidence to conclude that it can cause cancer in humans.

Does the Pinssar solution have patent protection?

Pinssar has a registered patent in the USA for 23 unique innovations with patent pending in other regions throughout the world.

Where has the Pinssar solution been deployed?

The Pinssar solution is currently used by progressive companies all around the world.  Featuring heavily in the underground mining industry and construction (tunnelling) projects, other applications include workshops, shipping and anywhere where diesel engine exhaust may be present in confined spaces.

Why is the Pinssar DPR regarded as the only practical solution for monitoring DPM in harsh environments?

The Pinssar DPR was developed from the ‘ground up’ – specifically designed to overcome the known issues when monitoring sub 1micron particles in harsh environments. The particle size range for DPM is less than 800 nanometers (nm). Other air monitoring technology measures particle size ranges larger than this, or require considerable maintenance efforts to maintain operability in harsh environments.

Where are Pinssar’s products developed?

Pinssar’s products are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia.

How does the Pinssar Reader differentiate between DPM and sub-micron mineral dusts?

The Pinssar DPR uses a commercially-available NIOSH-tested cyclone inlet which provides a sharp cut point at 800nm equivalent aerodynamic diameter (EAD), even in atmospheres contaminated with high >3mg/m3 respirable particles.

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