Global miner leads the industry in DPM monitoring

Real time, continuous data was key to achieve their goal.

A global miner embarked on a company wide project with the published aim of reducing diesel particulate matter (DPM) exposure to the lowest level technically feasible, in accordance with the company’s occupational exposure limits (OEL).

The Challenge

The Challenge

The company’s DPM OEL is significantly more protective than any regulatory levels or known peer company requirements. In the journey to be the leader in DPM reduction, the company needed to better understand their existing levels. Traditional methods of measuring DPM were restrictive in their nature by way of not providing critical continuous, real-time data.

The Solution

The Solution

The company researched alternate options to the traditional monitors and purchased the Pinssar solution for their ability to provide continuous, real-time data. The Pinssar DPR units were deployed across multiple sites within their portfolio. Deployments included aboveground and underground workshops, as well as specific operational locations underground.

To date, the company has invested in multiple Pinssar DPR units for seven different sites, including copper, gold, silver, coal, iron ore, nickel and uranium mines.

All of these sites have been able to establish their DPM baselines using real-time data, providing management confidence that they are protecting their workers.

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