What is British Standard 6164

The latest edition of British Standard 6164 (known as BS 6164) was released on October 31, 2019 and section 16.1 has formed the regulatory framework relating to monitoring requirements of diesel exhaust emissions in the Tunnelling and Construction industry which will have a positive impact on the global industry.

This revision is the first time monitoring of diesel emissions are specifically addressed and comes seven years after the dangers of diesel engine exhaust were clearly defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which declared it is carcinogenic to humans and placed it in the highest risk category, at the same risk level as asbestos.

The BS 6164 16.1 states:

“Exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions should be controlled to prevent exposure to DPM. Primary control should be achieved by reducing emissions at source along with adequate ventilation. Until further guidance is issued by HSE, a limit value of 100 ug/m3 as a 15-minute time-weighted average, and measured as elemental carbon, should not be exceeded”.

“Real-time monitoring of DPM using light scattering technology should be considered, however appropriate correction factors should be applied to ensure differentiation between DPM and mineral dust along with aerosols in the tunnel environment. Analytical monitoring for DPM should be carried out in accordance with BS EN 14530”.

“Continuous real time monitoring should be undertaken”

The British Standards may be applied to all Commonwealth countries, which means the impact of the BS 6164 latest revision should flow through to Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and India.

Continuous Real – time DPM monitoring is becoming an essential part of construction contracts and will likely mean employers will no longer be able to legally claim ignorance if a worker claims their health has been affected by DPM exposure.

Ultimately, no one wants to see DPM exposure become one of the great social disasters like lead, coal dust and asbestos.

At the end of the day, continuous real-time DPM monitoring enables the workplace to make decisions much faster and ultimately save lives – there’s no denying it.  To find out how the Pinssar solution can help you protect your workers and progress your projects, contact us.

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