SMP4 partners with Pinssar DPM monitoring technology to deliver integral safety system in the Lyon-Turin tunnel.

French based company Spie Batignolles, a major player in the construction sector both domestically and globally, is the first tunnel constructor worldwide to monitor diesel particulate matter (DPM) on a continuous basis. As an innovative industry leader, they continuously strive to implement new technologies. In a health & safety world’s first, the company has partnered with Pinssar to install the only DPM reader designed for harsh environments.

The Pinssar real time, ultra-low maintenance, harsh environment DPM Reader can continuously collect data and send it directly to project managers in real time, 24 /7 on smartphones, desktop, laptop and tablets enabling real-time actions and responses. The Pinssar DPM Reader is housed in a water and dust resistant stainless-steel enclosure, fitted with ruggedised power and communications connections suitable for permanent use underground or confined spaces.

The DPM reader has been successfully installed as part of Lyon-Turin tunnel project which Spie Batignolles is managing on behalf of SMP4. The project lead coordinating the continuous DPM monitoring program Mr Salvatore Maureddu commented on the value of introducing continuous DPM monitoring. “There is solid scientific research on the impact of the critical group 1 carcinogenic to workers, notably in enclosed spaces. The World Health Organisation has also acknowledged and highlighted these impacts. Spie Batignolles believes work place health and safety is paramount to our core values, so after extensive research we have partnered with Pinssar who are the only organisation worldwide who can offer the ability to continuously monitor levels in harsh work environments. By continuously monitoring DPM, Spie Batignolles is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and other contractors whilst working on this globally significant project.”

The Lyon Turin Tunnelling project is expected to deliver significant environmental and economic benefits to the surrounding regions. Currently scheduled to open in 2023 and is estimated to eventually move some 4.5 million passengers every year.

About Pinssar
Pinssar designs, develops and manufactures monitoring systems and devices that have been developed to offer greater measurement abilities – up to 800 nanometers – which are designed to identify detect (DPM) diesel particulate matter from diesel engine exhaust emissions. Pinssar is a 100% wholly Australian owned and operated company with its international head office located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

About Spie Batignolles
Spie Batignolles is a major player in building, infrastructure and services, recognized in France and abroad for its expertise and its different vision of the business. Its culture of listening and dialogue distinguishes it very clearly from the actors of the sector.

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