Pinssar’s Managing Director Francois Velge presents to an international delegation as part of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) conference.

Pinssar’s Managing Director Francois Velge will be presenting to an international delegation during the World Tunnel Congress this month as part of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) conference. The ITA is focused on promoting advances in planning, design, construction, maintenance and safety of tunnels and underground spaces. Seventy four member nations make up the body of the organisation along with affiliated members.

Pinssar have been invited to present to the ITA OH&S working group (WG5) which is made up of International experts and advocates for safer work spaces. The charter of the group is to explore and provide guidelines for better safety during tunnelling works. Pinssar’s development of the Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Reader is a unique offering with a key focus on measuring air quality in tunnels. The WTC offers the opportunity for the WG5 members to evaluate how the DPM reader can improve workplace safety.

Pinssar’s Managing Director Francois Velge has a lifelong passion for developing new technologies and notably air monitoring systems. “My interest in developing the DPM reader began from my own experience and research into the lack of real time, low maintenance monitoring capabilities around this group 1 Carcinogen. The systems critical innovation for management teams is the availability of data viewing on a configurable ‘dashboard’ in control rooms, and real-time data display on user authorised smart phones, tables, laptops and desktops. This Pinssar system is a unique technological advancement and represents a significant step forward in the fight to detect and manage diesel exposure. Pinssar’s goal is simply to help make the world a safer place, and reduce the health risks when workers are exposed to potentially life threatening deadly and toxic diesel engine exhaust emissions.”

The Pinssar presentation will cover key topics: – How the DPM reader works, notably the laser scattering photometry; the calibration technology and how it differentiates between dust & DPM as well exposure limits.

Pinssar will also be showcasing the DPM Reader on stand 162 during WTC at the World Trade Centre in Dubai from the 23rd-25th April 2018.

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