Visual data for management decisions

Enabling event based data to avoid assumptions about DPM levels

When this Health and Safety department could no longer just rely on assumptions about the levels of diesel emissions at site, Pinssar was able to provide management the information they needed.

The Challenge

The Challenge

A construction project in Europe had embarked on the construction of a 12 km tunnel, which consisted of 75% of TBM and 25% of drill and blast works. The initial real-time, fixed monitoring of air quality consisted of gasses and dust only and did not include diesel emission monitoring. The Health and Safety department had assumptions on the diesel emissions at site, however without a real-time diesel emissions monitor, they could not confirm these assumptions. Further to this, site management simply didn’t understand the difference between dust and diesel emissions when viewing reports on air quality.

The Solution

The Solution

The site purchased a Pinssar DPR based on its ability to produce real-time diesel particulate matter (DPM) data. This data was used to show specific DPM data on a real-time dashboard, and was also used to present graphical information in reports to Management.

With the new data, site Management were able to ‘visualise’ and see ’event-based data’ – which established credible correlation between site-based events and the DPM readings– ultimately this made all the difference to the risk owner.  This risk owner acknowledgment of this data driven approach has resulted in operational decisions being made based on real-time data every day since.

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