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Helping tunnelling contractors better understand DEEE

A challenge faced by tunnelling contractors is that they have had no way of understanding in-situ diesel engine exhaust emission (DEEE) levels continuously in real-time.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Diesel emissions differ from gases and dust particles and DEEE, or diesel particulate matter (DPM) as its better known,  is an aerosol. Whilst there are continuous gas and dust particulate monitors available, continuous real-time DPM monitoring has not previously been readily available. Current requirements for DPM monitors include personal gravimetric devices, handheld monitors and above ground tail pipe testing – all of which do not provide a continuous picture of the ambient environment and are inefficient with some taking weeks before sample results are available.

The Solution

The Solution

A tunneling contractor in Europe researched and discovered the Pinssar solution which they reviewed before purchasing and installing into their project. Over a short period of time, the contractor began to rely on the data from the Pinssar DPR to drive their ventilation management, by either increasing or decreasing flow rates to maintain a healthy environment.

Today, the contractor continues to make decisions based on the Pinssar data. Ongoing operational controls are validated in real time, which was simply not previously possible.

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The importance of monitoring and managing diesel engine exhaust emissions has never been greater. Progressive organisations around the world are deploying real time, continuous DPM monitoring solutions to protect their people and progress their projects. You can read more success stories below.

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