Pinssar heads to underground operators conference.

Attended by more than 1,000 mining professionals, the AUSIMM Underground Operators Conference is back in 2021.

Pinssar is very much looking forward to this popular event and as such our team will be attending and exhibiting in person as well as participating in the virtual conference platform. This 3 day event will be held on the 15th – 17th March 2021 at the Perth Convention Centre (and online).

Due to the hybrid nature of this conference, Pinssar looks forward to speaking with an even greater number of international and remote delegates about Pinssar’s globally adopted diesel particulate monitoring solution and how companies can partner with Pinssar to protect the long term health of workers.

For delegates attending in person, we invite them to visit us in the Exhibition Hall at Booth 86, or pop online to the virtual exhibition where you can access and download relevant information about diesel engine exhaust emissions underground.

To read more about the AusIMM Underground Conference, click here ->  UGOPS 2021

To find out more about the dangers of diesel engine exhaust emissions and the Pinssar DPM solution, click here ->

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