Pinssar granted US patent

Pinssar announced today the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially granted a patent for their Particulate Matter Measuring invention.

The granting of this patent, allows Pinssar to protect the intellectual property of its diesel particulate reader in the United States and provides a platform for growing and protecting the brand in international markets.  It gives Pinssar exclusive rights to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing the technology for 20 years.

According to Francois Velge, Managing Director of Pinssar, the patent is the latest in a series of recent achievements for the company.

“We are extremely pleased to receive news of the granting of the US patent.  Pinssar’s diesel engine emissions monitoring of diesel particulate matter is an essential technology to protect workers in harsh environments and confined workspaces, such as underground mines and during tunnel construction. The real time, continuous monitoring of this deadly carcinogenic will help to protect workers health and maintain worksite progress”

Pinssar is currently completing national filings for the same patent in additional jurisdictions including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Europe, South Africa, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

About the technology

The Pinssar diesel particulate matter (DPM) reader is now protecting workers in the mining and construction sectors across the world. Its innovative design allows the technology to continuously monitor deadly DPM particles that are so small, they are invisible to the human eye. Critically, even in the harshest of environments, the data is available instantly for immediate feedback about the air quality in the working environment and can be used to warn workers about diesel exposure exceedances to protect their health and well being. Not only that, but having real time insights allows for advanced data driven decisions leading to better operational outcomes. To find out how the Pinssar solution can help you protect your workers and progress your projects, contact us.

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