Pinssar extends manufacturing contract with APC Technology

Pinssar have extended their exclusive manufacturing agreement with APC Technology which will now run for an additional three years, until July 2023.

The Pinssar diesel particulate matter (DPM) monitoring system provides real-time, continuous data about workplace diesel emissions. Its patented design means it is the only practical solution for managing diesel emission control strategies in harsh environments such as underground mines, construction sites, workshops and tunnels, and across a wide range of industries, including mining, defence, oil and gas, shipping and transport.

Francois Velge, Managing Director of Pinssar commented why they chose APC as their manufacturing partner. “APC Technology’s experience in the design and manufacture of robust and industrial grade equipment spans more than thirty years, ensuring they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise which adds value to the production process.”

Pinssar and APC Technology have worked collaboratively to produce a globally recognised monitoring system, delivering data driven insights for better decision making and healthier work environments. Customers around the globe now acknowledge Pinssar as the gold standard for continuous real-time, ambient air, diesel emissions monitoring.

Tom Spiranac, Operations Manager at Pinssar, Scott Begbie Managing Director and Ken Duldig, Key Accounts Manager at APC Technology signed the contract on site at APC.

Tom commented, “APC Technology have proven to be an invaluable partner over the last three years, with a highly experienced engineering team and excellent manufacturing quality. They are committed to supporting us to reach our goals which has always been to make the world a safer place and reduce health risks to workers by implementing the DPM monitoring system.”

Scott Begbie further commented. “APC Technology has been part of the Pinssar journey almost since its inception. The fact that we have been involved in manufacturing the world’s first harsh environment DPM monitoring system is an achievement we are proud to be involved in. We anticipate that the next three years will be busy with significant volumes taking place at our manufacturing facilities in Adelaide.”

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