Pinssar’s diesel particulate matter monitoring system in the world spotlight

Pinssar’s DPM monitoring system shines at the 2019 Tunnelling Awards

A Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) monitoring system developed by Australian company Pinssar has shone on the world stage, taking a Highly Commended award at the 2019 Tunnelling Awards in London.

The system allows management of mining and tunnelling operations, workshops and all enclosed environments where workers are exposed to diesel engine exhaust emissions and DPM, to receive reliable DPM data in real time, via smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

It is being hailed as a major step in protecting workers in environments where diesel engine exhaust emissions present a serious health threat.

Owner, Managing Director and driving force behind Pinssar, Francois Velge, said the monitoring system’s success in the Innovation in Instrumentation and Monitoring category of the awards was exciting for the company.

“This is a major coup for Pinssar as the awards are designed to recognise and reward projects, teams and companies that are driving the tunnelling sector forward internationally, so it is clear that we are now in an elite field,” Mr Velge said.

He and Pinssar’s National Business Development Manager, Wayne Hose, attended the awards and the 2019 Tunnelling Festival, where they were approached by several leaders in the international tunnelling industry who were keen to know more about the monitoring system and the role it could play in protecting their workers.

“They have been impressed by the technology we have developed, particularly the system’s ability to withstand harsh environments, detect diesel particulate matter in the sub-800 nanometre particle range and deliver real-time results to smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops anywhere in the world,” Mr Velge said.

“These are people who are currently relying on old technology that means the analysis of diesel particulate material monitoring results takes several weeks, so they are excited by the prospect of having those results in real time and being able to take immediate action to protect their workers.

“So while having a Highly Commended award to our name is thrilling, the international exposure the company and our monitoring system has received is invaluable and promises big things for the future, not only for Pinssar but also the safety of the tunnelling and mining industries.”

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