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Pinssar Integration

Pinssar’s Air Monitoring Systems are designed specifically to continuously measure DPM – Diesel Particulate Matter 24/7.

All other air monitoring devices DO NOT MEASURE and provide data 24/7 that assesses continuously to the required 800 nanometers that is essential when measuring the air quality and providing information specifically about DPM – Diesel Particulate Matter – that is expelled from diesel engines and known as diesel engine exhaust emissions.

Pinssar’s technology provides data 24/7 that can also be assessed with historical data and graphical visualisation charts.

This collected data supports effective and timely decision-making when this air monitoring technology is integrated with a ventilation plan and relevant systems and procedures.

Pinssar technology provides almost instantaneous continuous data 24/7 for assessment on the quality and characteristics of the tunnel, mine, workshop or confined environ, its atmosphere, and air quality.

This information can also potentially reduce energy costs as a result of greater economy of ventilation and energy costs.

Pinssar technology is also likely to reduce the cost of compliance.

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How the Pinssar technology and system works:

  • Pinssar Reader and Monitoring devices continuously measure particulate and gas concentrations in addition to airflow and temperature readings.
  • The captured data is transferred or relayed via Pinssar’s feeder or communication network.
  • Pinssar’s Analytics and Data Visualisation Server then translates the data into useful information, graphs, and data, and is then made available to the right people, 24/7 and accessible via computers, cell phones and tablet devices. This vital information then ensures that informed decisions can be made regarding air quality within the areas or regions that are monitored by Pinssar’s technology. This continuous data can then be assessed and integrate with filtration or ventilation machines, systems and processes.
  • The Pinssar Air Monitoring technology enables key operatives responsible for workplace health and safety and air quality to have access to a constant decision-making tool that presents timely information 24/7 to the ventilation officer/s, occupational hygienists, health and safety professionals, and the underground manager/s.
  • Pinssar’s technology is a real time interface to simulation applications, ventilation-on-demand PLC’s, and other tools and systems.
  • Pinssar also offers customised relevant and required data for specific jurisdictional Code of Practices and Guideline requirements.
  • Pinssar’s Air Monitoring Technology also transmits alerts (via SMS and email) if set DPM levels exceed predetermined levels.
  • This information can also be stored and archived and preserve the data for analysis and future planning.
  • Pinssar devices also enable the production of reports with data averaged over multiple timeframes and is complementary with other measurements such as personal monitoring.

Upon engaging Pinssar to assist with air monitoring, we help develop a comprehensive implementation plan catering for your company policies, systems and procedures.


The deployment and installation of the Readers and Monitors is carried out in a staged process.

An on-going maintenance and support program is provided.

Striving for Accuracy 24/7

The Pinssar Readers and Monitors have a fresh air purifier that self-cleanses the system of fine particles and contaminants after each sample is taken. (This has historically been a high maintenance cost associated with alternative technology.)

An in-house developed adaptation of laser light-scattering technology is used to eliminate the need for NIOSH 5040 sample analysis.

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Pinssar’s technology has been tested in accredited testing laboratories, and our Analytics and Data Visualisation Server uses advanced software engineering to store and archive data on and off-site, providing standard and customisable reports, data analysis, an alert system, and also interfaces to 3rd party products such as VOD and simulation tools.